Are you Vulnerable?

Are you Vulnerable?

Secunia reports over 400 software vulnerabilities every month, over 100 of which are classified as critical.

In the first half of 2007, 212,101 new malicious code threats were reported to Symantec.

Since January 2005, over 218 million data records of U.S. residents have been exposed due to security breaches, according to Privacy Rights Clearinghouse.

Are you vulnerable? We can help.

Experience the Prometheus Global Difference

Prometheus Global is not your typical company. Our people are the finest in their fields, and we take pride in our excellence setting the standard for our peers.

  • Experts: Prometheus Global has assembled an enviable team security experts, analysts, developers, engineers, authors, and architects with direct industry experience in the military services, and working for firms such as Kellogg Brown and Root, the Federal Reserve, the SEC, NASD, the World Bank, Department of Defense, Department of State, Cisco Systems and other world-class institutions. Our people have helped to build and secure some of the country's most critical resources and systems.
  • Full Spectrum Expertise: Unlike some firms that only specialize in physical security or cyber security, most of our firms senior personnel are experts in both fields which makes us a rare organization capable of bringing your company a combined excellence unparalleled by competitors that can not integrate the two domains.
  • Pioneers: We foster and promote independent research within our firm. We support several independent labs performing original research in the fields of Information Security, Physical Security and Advanced Systems Engineering.
  • Trustworthy: Our people work on sensitive projects with DoD, DoJ, DoE, Treasury and other agencies. Our staff are trained to work in the most sensitive environments.
  • Customer-Service Oriented: Prometheus Global is not a huge firm with thousands of employees. Every client is extremely important to us, large and small - no client gets 'lost in the shuffle'.

Our mission is to understand our clients' business needs, deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions to address those needs, and to serve as trusted advisor's and subject matter experts in the realms of information and physical security, information assurance, privacy, enterprise architecture and risk management. We understand that security is not a black and white issue, and whatever your problem or situation, we have a solution.

And if you are a government customer, you couldn't be in better hands. We have past performance with the largest and smallest of government projects and agencies. Unlike companies that only specialize in government work who may not be as capable or reliable in bringing the best practices to government customers, we have the deep expertise in the commercial world to bring the best practices to meet your needs.

Prometheus Global - Securing your Organization. Unlocking the Possibilities.