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Prometheus Global - Securing the Network, Unlocking the Possibilities
Remediation Services
Unlike other security firms, Prometheus Global does not just excel at finding problems, we set the standard for fixing them. We believe that good security has to be about results, not just the latest hacking techniques or audit program, and results are about fixing not admiring the problem. Our goal in any engagement is to help you to meet your security goals, and remediation is the means to that end.

We work with dozens of firms and government organizations on a daily basis to find and fix all of their security problems. If you want to improve your security, and work with a company that can make it happen from A to Z, then look no further than Prometheus Global.

Approach to Remediation

Depending on your needs, we can do all of the work, or just help you create the plan.  In every case, we will work with you to construct the remediation plan, provide fixes and implementation guidance, and then track each issues status and overall project status. We will then work with you to help prevent your development staff from making the same mistakes through education, tools and knowledge. Our customers know that the true value of working with the Prometheus Global is that we not remediate the issues and that your staff can do the same, but that your staff will build better systems in the future. This reduces developer confusion, issue misinterpretation, and erroneous or incomplete fix implementation allowing fixes to reach your production environments safer and faster.